6 Excellent Essential Oils to Ease Aching Muscles

Posted by Jonathan on Nov 24th 2020

6 Excellent Essential Oils to Ease Aching Muscles

Have you ever faced aching muscles or even joints, and wondered if there was anything besides over-the-counter pain relief or harsh prescription drugs to end the pain?

Sore muscles can happen for various reasons, not the least of which being a hard workout—and if you are experiencing pain on a regular basis, you should certainly contact your health care practitioner.

Whether you experience joint and muscle pain once in a while or regularly, essential oils are a natural solution for pain relief. Here, we’ll discuss some excellent essential oils for muscle and joint pain and suggest a few different ways of using them.

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil pops up regularly and for good reason. Not only is this something that can ease your mind, it has been shown to relieve all kinds of body tension, pain and headaches.


It relieves inflammation too, so if you are swollen and sore it’s an excellent remedy. Consider blending it with rosemary or thyme oil to reduce inflammation and tension. Try adding a few drops to a bath for pain or use it on its own in a glass essential oil diffuser to create a relaxing environment.

2. Eucalyptus

You may know eucalyptus as being a part of a popular cold remedy which you rubbed on your chest to relieve congestion when you were a child. This is because of eucalyptus, which can ease pain and tension, also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Use eucalyptus anytime, especially if your muscle aches are due to a flu or cold.


3. Chamomile Oil

There are a few different types of chamomile, including German Chamomile and Roman chamomile, and all are extremely soothing. They are good for digestion and all kinds of aches and pains, as well as muscle spasms. For best results, using chamomile oil topically or in an aromatherapy oil diffuser.


4. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is uplifting and invigorating and may be used to ease any kind of tension. It’s also a great pick-me-up, so if you’re feeling sore because you haven’t gotten enough exercise, a whiff of peppermint could just give you the jumpstart you need to get moving.


5. Cypress Oil

Cypress oil is detoxifying and relaxing. It also helps to improve circulation, reduce spasms, and even reduce fluid retention.

Consider adding cypress oil to your essential oil repertoire if you suffer from carpal tunnel or restless legs syndrome.

How to Use Essential Oils for Muscle Pain

You can use the oils listed above in various combinations until you find your ideal scent and blend. Be sure to always dilute your oil in a carrier oil or in water before using them topically.

You may wish to create your own massage blend using almond oil or jojoba oil.

If you have inflammation, simply fill a sink with cold water and add about 15 drops of the desired oil. Then you can soak a towel in the water, wring it out and use it as a compress on the affected are. If you have pain, do the same thing but with hot water.

You may also choose to use certified organic essential oils with glass aroma diffusers. Simply placing a diffuser in the preferred room in your home and adding a few drops of oil can give you relief for hours at a time.