There are only a few things that can go wrong with your diffuser as there are only 3 major components. The Power Supply, the diffuser bottle, and the internal motor/pump. Start by watching the video below to see our process for diagnosing and solving the most common issues customers have with their nebulizer. 



Link to clog removal Video

Link to Motor purchase and repair video page.

Contact info: 720 388 7339 . You can call or just text us here and we will respond, with human kindness.

 Overview of Troubleshooting 

Here are some things that you can do to help trouble-shoot any issues with low diffusing. If your diffuser is over a year old and use it regularly and have noticed a gradual reduction in vapor output, the most likely cause is the internal pump diaphragm starting to wear out. Pumps are able to last several thousands of hours but can be damaged by oil exposure or normally wear out over time. Fortunately the design of our product allows for the motor to be easily be replaced. Please see the page below for instructions on how to get that done.


Most likely issues : Bottle Clogs

If you notice a rapid reduction in vapor output, it is more likely that your diffuser has developed a clog in the tubes inside the nebulizer bottle. Identifying a clog and cleaning the bottle is quite simple. If you suspect a clog but are not sure, take a snapshot with your camera and email us a picture and we can help you determine if the bottle is clogged. 


Trouble-shooting steps  

  1. Is your unit turning on? When you plug the unit in and turn the power knob all the way to the right, you should hear a low hum from the base. If you do not hear any noise and sure that the power outlet you have the unit plugged into works, please skip to the section below called "motor repairs and warranty service" otherwise keep reading the next step. 
  2. Check the quantity of oil. The ArOmis diffuser can diffuse up to 25 drops of oil per hour on full power and almost zero oil on low. If you add the recommended 15 drops to start, and put that on medium low, that should last for about 2 to 4 cycles of 10 min. However, new users often do not add enough oil to start and put the unit on high power and come back after 4 hours to smell no aroma. This is because the oil was used up 3 hours earlier. You will know if the oil is out if you hear the unit gurgling and spitting. You will find that if you add oil, that sounds stops and the aroma should start again.  
  3. Thickness of the oil. Thick oils do not diffuse well. Adding thinner oils into thick ones will help dilute and  thin the density of the oil. Everclear alcohol can also be used to dilute oils. Most oils work fine but do avoid blends that contain vegetable or nut oils like Jojoba, CFO (Coconut oil) or any cooking or message oils. They can thicken and clog the diffuser. 
  4. Did you put your bottle in correctly? pushing the bottle into the base by twisting the bottle in one direction can cause the internal tube to spin around and choke off the air supply. It is somewhat difficult to break it free as it is glued in place but we designed the unit to break free before the tube would tare. To Check for air pressure in the base by removing the bottle and placing your thumb firmly over the air hole. With the power on full, see if air will push up under your thumb with about 10psi; about the same pressure that you can blow through a straw.  It can be difficult to tell if this is the issue or if the motor is the problem as they will have the same symptom; no air pressure. It is possible for the use to open the bottom of the base to check for a twist but it is not always recommended unless returning the base is prohibitively expensive like for some international buyers. Returning the base to us is probably the best option for most users. If you do feel adventurous and comfortable taking things apart email us at and we will send you a video on how to do this. Opening the base will not expire your warranty. 
  5. Power supply. The power supply is the one part of the unit that we do not manufacture and we do our best to find the best power supplies on the market for our diffusers. However, if the units do break, typically they do so almost right away after using them. Typically within the first 5 hrs of use. This is true for all electrical devices. You can actually test if your power supply is the problem by using a voltage meter or battery tester. If you happen to have one, or don't have one, you may want to get your self one as they are really handy for all sorts of things including testing batteries. The power supply will put out 12v DC so test for that using a tester and if you see no voltage you know the issue is the power supply, not the motor. If you do find a non-working power supply email us at with your order ID and we will happily send you a new one. If your outside the USA, we typically do charge for shipping especially if your unit is over 12 months old. 
  6. Motor repairs and warranty service.  If we were able to help determine that the unit is not clogged the issue must have to do with the internal components of the base. You have two options; having us send you a new motor or  sending that base back to us to service. We service all units including units outside the warranty period. Units that are within the 12 month warranty period are serviced for free*.
    1. To request a replacement motor email us at We will request your order ID and ask for a photo of the bottle so we can confirm that there are no clogs.
    2. If you want to have us repair your unit for you, please pack your base and power supply in a padded or bubble wrap envelope and include a note in the package with your return address and contact information including phone and email address. Send package by first class mail to the address below:


6971 Hunter Pl. 
Boulder CO. 80301


*We do not cover return shipping from you to ArOmis outside of 30 days from purchase. On occasion we find that the unit as defective and we will happily send a replacement part and a return label for the defective part. Other times, we find that  the diffuser has been clearly misused and was damaged by oil exposure due to misuse and over-filling of the bottle. We will charge to replace the internal motor even within the warranty period unless it is clear that the unit was defective. (We have had 1 defective bottle in 8 years and over 39k units sold. Glass bottles typically break apart or shatter immediately once cooled if they are not properly glass welded.