Located in Boulder Colorado, USA, ArOmis is a small family run business committed to providing really well made, well supported aromatherapy products to people around the world. If you call or email us, you quickly discover our desire to be a more informal, relaxed and personable type company that treats people much more like friends than like customers. We follow a belief that what we bring to the world defines us as people and it makes us feel great to know we provide the very best possible Aromatherapy Diffuser available on the market and the highest quality essential oils available anywhere. 


For us, customer service and product quality is directly related our sense of honor and personal integrity. We only sell one type of diffuser and oils because we believe it's the very best  there is to offer. We use these oils at home, with our own families and children, and that quality standard, we believe is the golden standard by which all products should be chosen for everyone.