Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

The ArOmis diffuser is a very simple device to maintain and only needs to be cleaned when there are actual functional problems or when you see oil build-up outside the bottle or base. It is not necessary to clean the bottle after or before every use or when changing oils. A better approach is to use up the remaining oil in the bottle and simply add the new oil over the old. It will be almost impossible to smell 1 or 2 drops of oil mixed with 40 drops of another oil. when you do what to clean the bottle the best method can be seen here below. 

1. Cleaning the bottle using a shake-wash method. 

Remove the bottle from the base and hold it above the sink. Add enough rubbing alcohol or Everclear alcohol to cover the inside nebulizing tubes. Cover the top of the bottle with your thumb and shake up and down for 30 seconds. 



2. Cleaning the bottle using by diffusing alcohol

Alcohol will diffuse in your nebulizer and clean while it diffuses. You can add between 10 and 30 drops of alcohol and turn your unit to high. The alcohol will scatter inside the bottle and sometimes clear out small clogs inside the nebulizer bottle tubes as well.