Getting Started

ArOmis Quick Start Guide

Here is a very simple video on how to set up the diffuser. 



What to know first? 

  1. This unit is made of all glass and real natural wood. You can use almost any pure essential oils with it. 

  2. You should NOT use artificial aroma oils, perfumes or oils that have been diluted with nut or vegetable oils including, Fractionated Coconut Oil or (FCO), Almond oil, or any other carrier oil as they can clog up the nebulizer tube. 

  3. This unit can work on both 110v and 240v power systems. 

What you get in the box

The ArOmis nebulizer comes with a base, nebulizer bottle, cap, power supply and cleaning pipette as well as handy instruction manual. 

Assembling the unit


Attaching the Bottle

When assembling the Aromis diffuser hold the bottle upright and twist the stem into the black hole on the top of the diffuser base. Be sure not to twist in one direction. Go back and forth making sure that the rubber grommet on top does not spin. That grommet is actually the end of the air tube. You can push the bottle into the base until there is about ¼ inch of glass tube still showing. There is no need to push the bottle down farther than this.


Plugging in the diffuser

Now plug in your diffuser. Plug the power adapter into a wall socket and push the end of the power cord into the power jack on the side of the base. The small metal tongue inside the power jack can be tight at first so be sure to use some force until you feel it click into place. Turn the knob on the side of the unit to make sure it powers on. It will make a humming noise and some vibration. 


Adding Essential Oil

When adding oil, we recommend turning on the base first. This will keep any oil from making its way down the air tube by mistake. We recommend starting with between 20 and 40 drops of essential oil. This process can be done by tilting the unit on its side or just by dropping drops in with a dripper if you have one. You can also use the cleaning pipette we supply in the box. Be very careful not to miss and allow oil to dribble down the outside of the bottle onto the rubber grommet or onto the wood as oil that enters the grommet can lubricate the connection with the glass and the bottle may push out under pressure. If you want to be extra cautious, use a tissue around the bottle neck to catch any drips. See our cleaning video for more information. 


Placing the cap 


Once you have oil in the unit and see vapor, place the nebulizer cap on the top of the bottle. This cap serves three purposes and should always be used on the nebulizer. The cap reduces noise, traps errant splatters from escaping and directs oil vapor up and away from the nebulizer air intake on the bottom of the base.




The timer on your unit is either a 1, 4 8 intermittent or 12 hr continuous timer. Intermittent timers cycle on and off every 10 min. Not all options are available on all marketplaces. You can tell which unit you have by looking for a blue dot under the base. If there is no dot, you have a 4hr unit. The other options will be denoted with a 1, 8 or 12. The unit does not sense whether there is oil in the nebulizer bottle, it is just a timer so it will not automatically turn off when the unit is out of oil. If you decide that you would prefer a different timer option feel free to contact us and we can provide options. 

Some tips


  1. Pick essential oils that are light and watery. If the oil moves like water when you swirl it, it will diffuse correctly. Heavy, thick oils that have carrier oils or are old and oxidized wont nebulize well and will tend to clog up. 

  2. If you do have a thick oil and want to diffuse it, use a natural thinning agent like another lighter essential oil or Ethanol sold as “Everclear” which is the alcohol in beer and wine. to thin your oil. Everclear is the normal kind of alcohol you can drink, and available at most liquor stores.  

  3. Many people ask about how much oil to add. The simple answer is;  It totally depends on how much aroma you like and how big your space is.  The aromis diffuser is a powerhouse and little like a fast car; it can go fast and use up a lot of oil quickly, but it can also go slow and use a lot less oil. It totally depends on how high you turn it up. On high, the unit can use up to 25 drops per hour of oil, while on low, it uses more like 10 drops per hour or less. 


The aromis diffuser is very intuitive and usually you can see how everything works and see if there are any problems. The most common problem that new users face is bottle clogs. ALL ESSENTIAL OILS contain small pieces of plant material regardless of the oil quality or supplier. Clogs can happen on the very first use or after the 10th year of use. It completely depends on the oil in the bottle you have. In fact many of the best suppliers have the most crystallizations because they refrigerate their oils during storage. Fortunately clogs are very easy to remove using our cleaning pipette and some rubbing alcohol.  If you need troubleshooting help, you can see a detailed video on how to identify and clear bottle clogs here as well as solve other issues on our troubleshooting page. 


For a more detailed troubleshooting guide and list of commonly asked questions and answers checkout our help section for more detailed answers and videos. If you need help, we are always happy to assist and we are easy to get ahold of. 


Thanks for watching the ArOmis Quick Start video. If you ever need help don't hesitate to contact us by phone, email or chat. We are located in Boulder, Colorado and pride ourselves on providing amazing customer service in a very personal, mom and pop kind of way. 

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