Clearing Bottle Clogs

Nebulizers can be a really simple to use most of the time, just add oil and turn it on. However in the rare situation where your oil has small pieces of impurities (typically plant material), the nebulizer elements can become clogged. Fortunately with the right tool, clogs are very easy to remove from the ArOmis nebulizer bottles. We provide a cleaning pipette in every nebulizer box for this purpose. Check the video below for full instructions on how to clear a clog. Below are three videos each showing different sicarios and slightly different techniques. Please, PLEASE! Call, text or email us and send us an image of the bottle so we can advise which method you should try. We have 15 years of experience handling clogs and can save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Email :

SMS/Phone: 720 388 7339

1: Identify and Clear Bottle Clogs

This video shows how to quickly identify a crystallization clog caused by users using man made aroma oils (fake essential oils)  that contain components that tend to come out of solution and form a crystal chunk. This video shows how to use alcohol and the included cleaning pipette to flush and dissolve the crystallization to get the bottle back to full functionality. 

 2: Another slower video on how to remove a clog

This video shows how a small hair stuck in the bottle tube can be easily removed using the same flush method as above. This video is a bit more close-up and clear. 



3: Alternative Methods Without a Pipette:

If you have any issues with the pipette method and want to try other methods or different tools, below is another video with alternative cleaning methods. 



4: Using your phone to identify a clog and take a picture to share with our support team. 

One good step to help in identifying weather your bottle is clogged is taking a good photo of the inside tubes of the nebulizer bottle. This image, if taken correctly can be forwarded to us at or by text message to +1 720 388 7339. We are very experienced in helping identify and clear clogs and will respond the same day you send your message. The video below shows how a good photo can be taken. 




If your bottle is clogged due to hair in the bottle like the example below and it wont come out with a flush wash, use the "tape tool" method to extract the hair. See Video below the example image. 



6: Making and Using a Tape Tool to remove hair from the tip of the nebulizer tubes.

The video below shows how to use a tape tool to remove hair or fuzz stuck between the two nebulizer elements. The tools you need are a plastic straw and some tape. 


6: How to make and use a thin wire tool to poke out a very very stubborn clog

This video and method should be done only when all the other methods have failed. This method can possibly damage your bottle and is NOT a procedure that is covered under warranty as a defect if the inner tubes are broken due to inserting wire into the tube. This method is not particularly difficult but people with poor vision should not attempt this.