Parts & Accessories

At ArOmis, we strive for the highest possible standards in both products and service. While you can expect your purchase to last years, there’s always the possibility that you will need a replacement part for your diffuser. We do everything we can to ensure that aromatherapy diffuser parts and accessories are readily available for our valued customers to purchase online. Should you need a repair or replacement, we’ll do everything we can to get the part delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours. ArOmis makes it simple and convenient to order essential oil diffuser replacement parts and accessories online. We’ll help you with your nebulizer diffuser any time of day with quick delivery. We offer a year-long extended warranty which includes the purchase and installation assistance of new parts, including: 

  • Replacement pumps 

  • Replacement caps 

  • Replacement motor 

  • Cleaning accessories 

Sourcing and delivering sustainable, natural products is important for us, and we want you to get the maximum use and enjoyment out of every purchase. Our customer service team is always here to help you shop for new products and find solutions should you need help with repairs. 

Enjoy Fast Delivery on All Essential Oil Diffuser Replacement Parts and Accessories 

We use the highest quality materials and parts to ensure you get the most out of this special purchase. But if you should want to order a different style of nebulizing cap, or simply replace a part, the process is convenient and simple. Our customer service team is here to help you if you need it.

Here are some of the parts we typically have in-stock for immediate shipping.  

Replacement Pumps 

Our diffuses are made with high-quality material and last a long time. But one of the things that may break down is the pump. So we will help you replace it. You can either send the wood base to us, or we can send you a new part for you to do it yourself.  

Replacement Caps

If you break or lose the cap of your diffuser, we’ll be happy to ship you a replacement part. We do our best to ensure that parts are delivered within one day. You can also mix and match different caps as some are interchangeable. The Genus replacement Cap works with our Genus Mini Car Bottle and can fit bottles not with an inner diameter of less than 1cm. If you are looking for a cap for ArOmis home diffusers bottles, choose either our Eros or Vitis/Merus bottle. The Eros Vertical Cap ships with our Eros bottles but also fits the Merus and Vitis style bottles. The Directional Cap ships with our Merus and Vitis bottles, and may also be used with the Eros bottle.

Diffuser Cleaning Accessories

ArOmis cleaning pipettes fit perfectly inside our nebulizers and help to ensure your diffuser doesn’t get clogged. We include pipettes with each nebulizer as part of the set, but if you need more, we’ve got you covered. The pipette can also be used to add oil to the diffuser.