6 Aromatherapy Essential Oils that are Great for Asthma Problems

Posted by Jonathan on Nov 24th 2020

6 Aromatherapy Essential Oils that are Great for Asthma Problems

Although the development of modern medicine has led to an extended lifespan and an improvement in the way we treat and handle diseases, these is still a significant acknowledgment to what natural healing has offered us. After all, natural and holistic remedies formed the very basis of what started out to become modern medicine.

Without a doubt, one of the most significant types of alternative medicine is the use of aromatherapy essential oils with special acknowledgment given to certified organic essential oils thanks to their purity and source.

The reason behind such commendation lies in the benefits of these certified organic essential oils which can be harnessed through using an aromatherapy diffuser. And when it comes to cost, a good aromatherapy diffuser price ranges around the $100 mark as you're guaranteed quality at that range.

While there is no evident cure for asthma, interventional use of aromatherapy essential oils can help alleviate discomforts and reduce symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, tight chest, wheezing, and many more.

Victims of asthma experience such problems due to the inflammation of their air passages which results in the restriction of breathing. As some essential oils help open these airways through inhalation, with some even containing anti-inflammatory properties, you can actually suppress your asthma attacks by incorporating certified organic essential oils into your lifestyle.

Without further ado, here are our 6 top essential oils that work great to help relieve asthma problems

1. Lavender essential oil - By far the most popular essential oil around, lavender essential oils are known for their relaxing and sedative properties as well as their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties (the latter of which help in relieving asthma and blocked airway passages).


2. Peppermint essential oil - Known for its natural antihistamine properties and its decongesting abilities, peppermint essential oil help reduce asthmatic symptoms due through the inhibition of histamine that interferes with the air passages. Not only does peppermint essential oil help relieve asthma, but it also works well against allergies.


3. Tea Tree essential oil - working as an expectorant which helps break down mucus in the airway passages resulting in improved breathing and chest relief, tea tree essential oil are great to help your asthma problems. The effect is remedial and can help you feel an overall alleviation of your symptoms.

4. Eucalyptus essential oil - One of the most distinct essential oils around, eucalyptus essential oil contain a compound which helps break down mucus and phlegm caught in the air passages connecting to your lungs. As a result of this active break down of congestants, you will acknowledge an improved breathing process.


5. Chamomile essential oil - More commonly recognised in a chamomile tea version, chamomile essential oil work great in providing asthma relief for those who are asthmatic. Containing natural antispasmodic properties that help relieve muscle contractions throughout the body, restriction of blocked or swollen air passages helps improve breathing and respiratory functions.


6. Clove essential oil - Although not so commonly used in the essential oils market, the clove essential oil comes extremely useful when trying to relieve your asthma.


It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties as well as helps in the reduction of muscle spasms and alleviates your respiratory functions significantly.

To help you start your route to healing your asthma problems by using certified organic essential oils, check out these essential oil kits which cover a wide range of oils that are good for asthma. Alternatively, you can reap maximum benefits by choosing to use essential oil blends that combine several different types of certified organic essential oils thus giving you the best from all angles.