5 Best Natural Essential Oils for Home Use

Posted by Jonathan on Nov 24th 2020

5 Best Natural Essential Oils for Home Use

If there's a craze to go crazy about, the award goes to the best natural essential oils for home use. Guaranteed to soothe your mind, body, and soul, what more could you ask for than to indulge in a world filled with soothing aromatherapy sessions and sensational serenity.

Why do we love natural essential oils?

The answer is simple and comes in three folds.

First, when you go with the best natural essential oils the aromatherapy market has to offer, you're guaranteed a natural alternative to synthetic solutions.

High-quality essential oils derive from natural plants and are distilled from the root, leaves, stems, and flowers of these plants with the addition of being part fruit as well in some cases.

Natural effects of these essential oils include antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties which aid in the healing of the body. Other functions include inducing peace and serenity to your mind with pleasant scents as well as other home remedies such as aiding in cooking and cleaning.

Second, essential oils are multi-purpose and act as a great way to serve a minimalist by taking only a tiny space of the house while making the living environment smell completely amazing.

Third, making use of essential oil diffusers to get the most out of essential oils is really fun and rewarding. They're easy to use and work extremely effectively when trying to instantly soothe your mind, body, and soul.

You've probably seen the list of hundreds of different variations of essential oils out there and this has probably confused you when trying to figure out which ones are the most important essential oils for home use.

If you're new to the aromatherapy world and need some guidance on trying to figure out the best natural essential oils for home use, we highly recommend beginning with our 5 top favorite picks in terms of effectiveness and quality!

1) Lavender Essential Oil

Commonly known as being the “calming essential oil”, lavender has earned its popularity throughout the mainstream world of scents, smells, and aromatherapy.


Lavender essential oils are the go-to oil when trying to soothe yourself or when trying to calm your environment. It also works great as a sleeping aid and can help you relax into a deep sleep.

Other properties of lavender include soothing or irritated skin and burns as well as relieving bug bites and neck or head tension.

2) Eucalyptus Essential Oil

For a natural essential oil rich in antimicrobial properties, eucalyptus essential oils will do the trick. It also makes for a great homemade cleaner with expectorant benefits and can be used in essential oil diffusers to help aid any respiratory issues you may be faced with.


3) Lemon Essential Oil

Known traditionally for its amazing health benefits, lemon essential oils are the ultimate solution to getting unwanted stains off your dishes or surfaces as well as relieving your chest congestion or gunky throat.


4) Peppermint Essential Oil

For a quick energy boost, peppermint essential oils are great in giving you that kick. They also come extremely handy in relieving nausea and easing headaches and migraines.


5) Frankincense Essential Oil

Although this particular Frankincense natural essential oil comes with quite a price tag, these certainly a reason for it.


As the saying goes, “if ever in doubt, use Frankincense”.

And the saying certainly holds some truth to it! Known to relieve stress and headaches, frankincense essential oils are highly effective especially when used with an essential oil diffuser.

To really up the ambiance, you can even add frankincense essential oils into your bath together with lavender for the ultimate aromatherapy relaxation session (with a boost of some Epsom salts too!).

Don't forget to make the most out of your natural essential oils by using the best oil diffuser such as nebulizers, glass and wood diffusers!