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Our ylang ylang essential oil is steam-distilled from the bright orange flowers of the Cananga tree (Cananga odorata). Cananga primarlily grows in tropical rainforest regions of Asia. Ylang ylang has been used for centuries in perfumes, in traditional ceremonies and as an aphrodisiac. Today, its applications in aromatherapy are wide-ranging. You might choose this oil for its sweet, floral aroma, or you might want to blend it with another oil like grapefruit, geranium or sandalwood. No matter which way you decide to use it, you can rest assured that it will bring you calm and comfort as incorporated into your own wellness routine. 

Consider using a few drops in a carrier oil to create a sensual massage oil, or combine it with other grounding scents to create a personalized oil blend for use in a relaxing bath.  

Uses & Benefits

  • Ylang ylang is known to act as a sedative. It acts as an antidepressant, lowers blood pressure, and reduces anxiety. 
  • This oil may be used to help treat those who suffer from panic disorders. 
  • Ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac which may be used to promote a feeling of sensuality and treat sexual dysfunction.
  • As an antiseptic, ylang ylang oil may help to reduce inflammation and prevent infection. 
  • Use a few drops on the temple as a perfume or mood-booster.  

Whether you’re looking to improve your mood, cleanse the air or enjoy a romantic night in, you won’t regret adding this beautiful scent to your aromatherapy oil collection. 

At ArOmis, we’re proud to offer the highest quality essential oils for you to elevate your home and soothe the soul. Take some time to browse through some of our amazing products, and please reach out with any questions as you go.

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Botanical Names:
Cananga Odorata
Parts of Plant Used:
Extraction Method:
Steam Distilled
Country of Origin:
South Africa
Plant Origin:
South Africa


  • 5
    Good Quality, Lovely Scent!

    Posted by Del on May 18th 2021

    My favorite shampoo got discontinued, so now I have to mix my own scented shampoo.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by E. Akbar on Feb 27th 2021

    Will be ordering more from this company.

  • 5
    Fast delivery and great smell. Love that the dropper came w/the bottle so I can add just the right amount to my diffuser.

    Posted by Russell on Jul 3rd 2018


  • 5
    It's no surprise that this essential oil has received so many positive reviews, it is wonderful! It is pure and therapeutic grade. The smell reminds me of bubblegum mixed with flowers.

    Posted by Frederick on Jul 3rd 2018


  • 5
    Never used ylang ylang essential oil before, but this oils seems of a nice quality and smell. Nice light weight oil that absorbs well. I've been adding it to my base oils when using the OCM and for moisturizing and my skin loves it so far.

    Posted by Carder on Jul 3rd 2018


  • 5
    Really nice oil! The box was most impressive. I've often wondered at beauty products and them only having a seal on the top of the box, well these oils had a seal on top and the expiration sticker of the oil was sealing the bottom as well.

    Posted by Leo on Jul 3rd 2018


  • 5
    I've tried 3 different Ylang Ylang oils. This one beat out the other 2 100%. It does list relief from aches and pains. My husband and I both swear by this oil, immediate pain relief for both of us.

    Posted by Michelangelo on Jul 3rd 2018


  • 5
    I recently discovered all the benefits for it as well. Great for the skin & great mood booster. I add it to my homemade deoderant recipes that include arrowroot powder, baking soda & coconut oil.

    Posted by Carol on Jul 3rd 2018


  • 5
    Great for oil diffusers as well to give home a calm and stress free ambiance.

    Posted by Daniel on Jul 3rd 2018