4 Super Simple DIY Gifts You Can Make with Essential Oils

Posted by Jonathan on Nov 24th 2020

4 Super Simple DIY Gifts You Can Make with Essential Oils

Are you looking for elegant, budget-friendly holiday gift ideas that you can make at home in a pinch?

Aromatherapy essential oils make a great starting point for unique gift ideas at any time of year. With a few simple supplies and basic scents, you can make a variety of simple but lovely gifts for your friends and loved ones on the fly.

These might be in the form of blends that people can add to a glass essential oil nebulizer, sprays that they can use around the house or even health products.

Why choose natural products for home and health?

We all use a variety of products around the home on a regular basis, and many of them are filled with potentially harmful chemicals and toxins. And while it may not be convenient to start making everything from scratch, once you have a few key essential oils in your pantry, it does become easier and more fun to DIY your own cleaning products, cleansers, and so on.

Essential oils may also be effective complementary treatment options for a huge range of day-to-day health problems, such as sinus problems, arthritis, and even anxiety. Each oil has a bunch of different healing properties, so you’ll want to do a bit of research if you have a specific health issue in mind.

4 Gift Ideas

Without further ado, here’s our list of 5 great quick and personalized gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season or any time of year.

1. Natural Bug Repellant

You’ve probably heard of using citronella candles to ward off mosquitoes. Citronella is from the same family as lemongrass, and both are effective bug repellants. Peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree are some other oils which work well.

Simply add a few drops of your desired blend to a small glass bottle of filtered water and offer it to them as a spray. You could also make a personalized blend for them to use at home in their glass aromatherapy diffuser.

2. Face and Body Scrub

Sugar, coconut oil, orange or grapefruit zest, 5 drops of peppermint oil and 10 drops of your favorite citrus oil citrus (we recommend grapefruit as it’s known to brighten your complexion) are all you need to make a delicious and invigorating scrub.

3. All-Purpose Air Purifier

Adding a few drops of oil like lemon eucalyptus, or cinnamon to a nebulizing aromatherapy diffuser can go a long way towards cleaning and purifying the air. Consider creating a blend like this and giving it as is or in a spray bottle.

4. Muscle Blend

If you know anyone with arthritis or even athletes who face aching muscles regularly, consider adding a few drops of peppermint, geranium, or another relaxing oil to a small glass bottle. They can then add this to a hot bath, a glass essential oil nebulizer, or a plain massage oil for relief of aches and pains.

Wellness makes the Perfect Gift

Offering people all-natural gifts sends a message and intent of good health and wellness. So, if you think you might want to create some awesome homemade personalized gifts for your friends this year, why not stock up on some certified organic essential oils today?

Or if you’re considering purchasing a glass nebulizer diffuser as a gift for your health-conscious friend or loved one, we have a few different varieties in stock – take a peek at our website and you might just find the perfect gift!