Organic White Fir Essential Oil

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ArOmis’ organic white fir essential oil is steam-distilled from the needles and twigs of the white fir tree (Abies concolor) which is native to Western North America. White fir is one of the main species cultivated for Christmas trees. It has also been used therapeutically by indigenous people for building and spiritual uses. 

Aromatically white fir oil is clean and woody, similar to other evergreens but with a more distinct aroma. ArOmis’ white fir oil is captured using a slow, low heat distillation technique. Its most prominent compounds are Limonene and B-pinene, which means that this oil has strong antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

This oil is both calming and energizing and is an excellent choice for detoxifying the air when added to a diffuser. 

Uses & Benefits

  • Create an invigorating diffuser blend by combining white fir essential oil with cinnamon or cypress oil.   
  • Blend with frankincense orange or grapefruit for a serious mood boost 
  • Inhale directly or use alone in a diffuser to relieve stress
  • For muscle relaxation, use white fir oil with cedarwood or peppermint and enjoy a gentle massage.  
  • Keep a blend of jojoba oi and white fir to put on your temples to clear your head when you wake up or during an afternoon slump.
  • Clean floors, countertops, and other surfaces by creating a DIY spray cleanser out of white fir oil or using it to clean with a damp cloth.  
  • May be used as a cologne or in handmade candles for holiday gifts.  

Our white fir oil is one of the best quality oils available and is distilled from an experienced artisan. The trees used for this oil are wildcrafted but not certified organic. Much of the oil is derived from fallen saplings collected near logging operations and during fire cleaning. 

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    Like the aroma and mainly use this in blends for anti-itch, anti insects(for personal insect repellent), acne. and general household cleaning mix. This oil is the main ingredient in these blends.

    Posted by Lenny on Jul 3rd 2018