Essential Oils for Women's Health Management: Our Top Picks

Posted by Jonathan on Nov 24th 2020

Essential Oils for Women's Health Management: Our Top Picks

Today, many women are looking for natural, non-addictive alternatives to support their health well-being, and aromatherapy essential oils are becoming increasingly popular for a range of uses. Essential oils can help you reduce stress, improve blood flow, and ease the pain — and these are only a few of their many benefits.

Essential Oils for Libido

If you find that major sexual dysfunction is impacting your life on a regular basis, it’s important to visit a doctor to find out the cause as it could be something serious. But if you’re just feeling a little “blah” once in a while, essential oils can help you to relax and get in the mood.

Ylang Ylang and Jasmine, both relaxing and stimulating, are powerful aphrodisiacs. Mix a couple of drops with orange, bergamot or cypress and place the mixture in a bedroom aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser to help calm the mind and boost libido.

Essential Oils for Labour Pain

Some evidence exists which suggests that aromatherapy, as well as other natural relaxation and healing techniques, can work to ease labour pain and support emotional well-being during labour.

Clary sage, chamomile, frankincense, lemongrass, and lavender are all examples of oils which are safe to use in labour. Simply add a few drops to an aromatherapy diffuser, or blend with a natural base such as coconut oil to use topically on the hands, feet or back.

Note that it is not recommended to use aromatherapy if you are pregnant, but only if you are in labour, and have been cleared of certain medical conditions. Do not add essential oils to a birthing bath or pool.

Essential Oils for Menopause & Hormones

Hormones help to regulate most functions in the body and when they are disrupted this can affect sleep, body temperature, metabolism and more. Because menopause is just one example of a hormone imbalance, we can’t cover every symptom here.

But we do recommend:

  • Cypress oil for headaches and hot flashes
  • Jasmine for overall hormone balance
  • Geranium for stress management and low libido
  • Peppermint to help with cramping and headaches

Essential Oils for Premenstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps (also known as Primary dysmenorrhea) affect millions of women around the world each month. Recent research supports that aromatherapy can help with the pain of primary dysmenorrhea.

Try clary sage to manage fluid retention. Cypress can help to improve blood flow and cramping and is good for managing inflammation. Geranium is extremely relaxing and uplifting and may help with fatigue, depression, and headaches. And last but definitely not least, lavender and frankincense have grounding properties.

Dilute one of these oils, or a blend, into massage oil and rub topically. You may also use a high-quality glass essential oil diffuser to inhale them directly.

Why not try essential oils for yourself?

If you want to try out essential oils, there are a few safety tips:

  • Use organic essential oils when possible
  • Look for terms like “therapeutic grade” and “100% pure” on the label
  • Never use essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing without the guidance of a health care professional (some oils are safe to use during labour)
  • Use glass essential oil diffusers
  • Always dilute oils with natural carrier oils if using topically
  • Never ingest unless directed by a health professional