Curious about essential oils, but not sure where to start? We’ve created these unique essential oil kits out of some of our best-selling products.If you’re looking for an opportunity to test a few oils out at an affordable price point, our aromatherapy oil kits offer great value.  Our convenient online ordering and delivery process makes it easy for you to shop for affordable essential oils online, try them out and learn more about the scents you love. At ArOmis, we’re committed to providing each and every customer with the highest quality products. Our 100% pure and natural aromatherapy oils are steam-distilled from plants. And we care about our business partners -- our plants are sustainably grown and fairly traded where possible.  When you purchase one of our essential oil kits, you can rest assured that you’re taking a positive step towards your wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to lower stress, balance your mood or reduce symptoms of minor ailments, we’re here to help you find the best essential oil for your needs. 

Discover all we have in store! 

Choose an Essential Oil Starter Kit to Compliment Your Favorite Wellness Ritual

ArOmis essential oil kits are the perfect opportunity to try out complimentary oils either on their own or create your own personalized blends. 

Here are some reasons people choose our pure aromatherapy essential oils: 

  • Create personalized scents to purify and freshen the home

  • Use in a beauty routine for healthy hair and skin 

  • Reduce symptoms of aches and pains 

  • Reduce stress and improve sleep 

  • Feel good about using non-toxic plant-based products 

If you’re new to the world of essential oils and you're not sure where to start, we recommend choosing one or more of our organic essential oil kits. Each one is curated with a specific wellness purpose in mind. If you love smells like lemon and orange, why not try our citrus kit? Enlightening and invigorating scents like lemon and bergamot make excellent bases for DIY cleaning solutions. They’re great for freshening and detoxifying your home. Plus, citrus oils like lemon are great for brightening the skin.  Our meditation oil kits are here to help with grounding and relaxation. With the powerful benefits of essential oils like ylang ylang and frankincense, you’ll quickly find improved mood and concentration alongside reduced anxiety.  If you’re looking to relieve stress at the end of a long day, why not choose one of our relaxation oil kits? Oils like lavender, geranium and chamomile offer pleasing floral scents and a plethora of other health benefits like easing headaches and body pain.  Our simple online ordering system guarantees quick and easy shipment. Once your essential oils arrive at your door you can feel free to experiment with scents and blend all on your own. 

Buy online today and start reaping the benefits of our 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.