Orbis Lux Vitis - Nebulizing Diffuser

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Are you looking for an aromatherapy diffuser that will last for years and look beautiful in any setting? Our Orbis Lux Vitis, which features a light-stained, rounded base and curved reservoir, could just be your ideal choice. 

All of our diffusers come with:   

  • An automatic shutoff valve -- you choose the time frame on ordering.  
  • A 1-year warranty 
  • Quick delivery on replacement parts
  • An adjuster valve to change the strength of the mist 

This diffuser is effective in a space of around 800 square feet, which makes them ideal for a studio space, small apartment, wellness clinic, or bedroom. 

Our nebulizing diffusers are all made with solid wood and hand-blown glass. Their simplicity and quality make them the perfect gift for friends or family who love aromatherapy essential oils. 

No heat or humidity is used with a nebulizing diffuser, which means the oils are released and dispersed in their original form, at full strength. Since a nebulizing diffuser works with a vacuum effect, there’s no additional water to dilute the oils. By using glass and no heat, your oils remain in a stable and potent form. This means that there is no corrosion, no toxins, and no leaching which could potentially be harmful. 

When you choose a nebulizing diffuser like ArOmis’ Orbis Lux Vitis, you can rest assured that this is a safe and effective way to use essential oils.

Besides a few key features as mentioned above, we don’t include unnecessary bells and whistles like LED lights on our diffusers. We find that they can intrude on the way the diffuser functions and even interrupt the way the essential oils are dispersed. 

Our products are clean, simple, and natural. We have replacement parts if you find yourself in need -- just give us a call and we’ll quickly ship you a replacement part.

1 year full warranty
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  • 5
    I have a diffuser that uses water and it was ok if I was sitting right by it so I could smell the fragrance from it. I had to use so much oil for it to smell throughout my small living room.

    Posted by John Quincy on Apr 3rd 2018


  • 5
    The room fills up very fast with the aromatic oil I put into it so it doesn't need to run that long. Since the oil is not mixed with water, it is pure oil your burning here.

    Posted by Henry on Apr 3rd 2018


  • 5
    This is actually smaller than it looks, but it works just as hard. A very nice unassuming little diffuser that I sit on my end table.

    Posted by Douglas on Apr 3rd 2018


  • 5
    Not only is this unit absolutely stunning, but it made my whole house smell amazing in about half an hour! Which took 3 regular diffusers to do the job before!

    Posted by Abigail on Apr 3rd 2018


  • 5
    This is really the perfect diffuser. Im new to essential oils and after few hours of research I knew this diffuser would be the one I wanted.

    Posted by Jane on Apr 3rd 2018


  • 5
    I love that you don't have to use water to diffuse your oil! The smell of the oil you use is amazing, not diluted!!

    Posted by Creighton on Apr 3rd 2018


  • 5
    I love the way this diffuser mists the essential oils in the air without mixing them with water or heating them. I especially love to use it for oils for my sinuses at night and when we have colds.

    Posted by James on Apr 3rd 2018


  • 5
    A lot of nights I was too lazy to get up and get water to put in my other diffuser so I just wouldn't use it. This diffuser does not require water so there for I have relaxing scent to go to bed to every night. LOVE IT

    Posted by Hal on Apr 3rd 2018


  • 5
    I love this diffuser so much. I had been looking it at it for a while but it is a little pricey. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and ordered it. I love it beside my bed.

    Posted by Reuben on Apr 3rd 2018