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ArOmis’ Solum Nox Vitis aromatherapy nebulizing diffuser is beautiful and practical. With a dark hardwood base and unique hand-blown glass design, it’s a visually stunning addition to any space. 

  • Nebulizing diffusers operate on Bernoulli’s principle, working with a vacuum action that evenly disperses essential oils without heat or water. 
  • As it requires no heat or water, the oils retain their maximum therapeutic properties. 
  • Each unit comes with a wooden base, glass diffuser bottle, glass top, and a power supply. 
  • This unit is super simple to order online. It ships fast, and it’s easy to set up. 
  • We have replacement parts on-hand in the case of breakage or loss that aren’t covered by our 1-year warranty. 
  • Some of our parts are interchangeable, so you can mix and match for design variety.
  • You can use this in any room up to around 800 square feet.

No matter how or where you want to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils, the Solum Nox Vitis will meet your needs. The unit features an automatic on/off timer and shut-off valve, so you don’t need to worry about leaving it on and wasting precious essential oils. 

Quick and easy to set up, all you need to do is turn on the base, turn on the power and add about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend. Then enjoy! 

The Solum Nox Vitis barely uses any power at all. It’s quiet enough to use in a bedroom or yoga space. 

At ArOmis, we care about quality craftsmanship, and all of our designs are built to last. We are committed to excellence in service. If you have trouble with any ArOmis diffuser, you will find it easy to reach our customer service team. In most cases, you can expect orders to arrive within a 12-hour period.

1 year full warranty
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  • 5
    I Love This Diffuser and Plan To Purchase A Second! I love the style and looks. It IS of great quality. Customer Service Is Superb. They answer all question promptly.

    Posted by Lloyd Edmonds on Apr 23rd 2016


  • 5
    Pleasantly surprised. For whatever reason, I did not check the dimensions of this diffuser and when I received the package I was nervous about how small it was. It is amazingly powerful and elegant looking. Easy to use, clean and store.

    Posted by C. Wall on Apr 23rd 2016


  • 5
    rather small, great for one's personal space. I see it as a positive that the diffuser doesnt smell up the whole house. I bought for my wife and she likes its simplicity and effectiveness.

    Posted by SkiBum on Apr 23rd 2016


  • 5
    Love, love, love it! I ordered it on Monday and had it on Thursday. Packaging was great, I was worried because of the glass but nothing was broken. The diffuser works great. I wish I would’ve found these earlier.

    Posted by Etsy on Apr 4th 2016